The Gods are Tired

Posted on 9th April 2014 in music, Poetry, Reflections
by h. Gibrain


the sky is tired

your resilience

earth shattering

exhausting the heavens


the walls are tired

standing so long

family of stones

daughters of suns


the streets are tired

wearied feet of soldiers

exhausted from humiliating

honor and soil


the lands are tired

heard it all before

the occupation, assassinations

summary executions


the mothers are tired

children arrested and tortured

their crime



the bullets are

tired of being fired

sky rife with tears

air ripe with jasmine


the gods are tired

Allah wrestling Yahweh

for a dose of heaven on

a small piece of desert wasteland

Interview with Musician and Peace Worker Theresia Bothe on the Transformative Power of Music

Posted on 13th July 2012 in Interviews, music, Peace

Theresia Bothe

I spoke with Musician, Composer and Peace Worker Theresia Bothe on her experiences as a musician working with the Street Children of Guatemala (Movimiento de Jóvenes de la Calle), Human Trafficking in Italy (On the Road), her work in a women’s prison in Mexico (Ciudad Juarez) and her organization Music for Change.

Listen to Interview with Theresia Bothe >>

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Music Downloads provided by Theresia. Please contact Theresia if you would like to use her music for any benefit or professional endeavors:

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