On Fwang

Posted on 19th April 2012 in Notes



Fwang is a new word so don’t feel stupid yet for not knowing what it is… what it means; I will tell you.

The word Fwang was first used as my stage name. As a guitarist, who doesn’t take himself too seriously, I decided I needed a stage name like Bono, Prince, Ozzy, Sting, Madonna, and all the rest. Fwang is a natural guitar sound so I decided to use it – ┬ámockingly – as if my real name isn’t good enough for my loosishness in performance style/ability.

Anyway, during some wowwing Pow Wow’s it was mentioned that we should follow our emotional core (our heart) and not our intellectual core. I thought “the heart is an organ, a piece of meat” and was not the correct way to express something which I think is entirely different than a piece of meat and does not reside in a particular organ wrapped in your skin. I needed a new word. The word needed to express the sum total of a persons core manifestation. It is, essentially, a person’s internal Feng Shui. It needed to sound cool like Feng Shui, Chakras, Shaman, Reiki, Yoga, Capoeira, Kung Fu, Ayurveda, and the list goes on. It needed to sound as if it might be ridiculous if it really weren’t.

The sum total of a persons core manifestation can be expressed in an equation that I’ll have to write out in a math editor and save a picture of and place in this definition in place of where this text is now. The equation, however bizarre and simple it looks, includes things like corresponding states of: emotion, psyche, sexy, health, intellect, spirit. It also includes all of the things we don’t know about in a formalism which defines the unknown unknowns and counts them into our fwang.

It should be noted that all of the aforementioned components of ones’ fwang are interactive, they are coupled to one another in that if you tweak one of the elements of your fwang, the others can and likely will change to compensate for the shift.

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