Adam Roufberg interviewed by Activist Radio about his experiences in the West Bank and on The Jenin Freedom Bus

Posted on 22nd April 2014 in Interviews, Reflections, Self Determination

Fred Nagel of Activist Radio interviews Adam Roufberg – peace researcher, human rights activist and former radio host at WVKR (RadioActiveLunch), to discuss his experiences in the West Bank and on the Jenin Freedom Theater’s Freedom Ride. [the interview begins at 24:00]


Listen to the interview >>

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The Freedom Theatre
The Freedom Bus
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The Gods are Tired

Posted on 9th April 2014 in music, Poetry, Reflections
by h. Gibrain


the sky is tired

your resilience

earth shattering

exhausting the heavens


the walls are tired

standing so long

family of stones

daughters of suns


the streets are tired

wearied feet of soldiers

exhausted from humiliating

honor and soil


the lands are tired

heard it all before

the occupation, assassinations

summary executions


the mothers are tired

children arrested and tortured

their crime



the bullets are

tired of being fired

sky rife with tears

air ripe with jasmine


the gods are tired

Allah wrestling Yahweh

for a dose of heaven on

a small piece of desert wasteland

The Falafel Stand in No Man’s Land

Posted on 24th April 2012 in Poetry
Hey, my friends
On both          |sides|         of the wall
Put down your weapons for      just enough time 
to remove the dead                            collect the wounded
play some music                                and eat a little
on the playground of our commonalities
while we                                              stop the bleeding
get the dead out of sight             dance a little
and eat together                           in no man’s land
when we’re done                           not fighting
for just                                                   a little while
we can get back to the fun                with our guns
and shoot at each other                        again
kill   each      others       families             and friends
addicted to retribution
      and the food breaks in between
          satisfying our human needs
together, as enemies
with the new rules of engagement
art with my missiles
tea with your air strikes
and music                                don’t forget
while we take a break from the fun
put down the gun                    for long enough
to remove the dead                  collect the wounded
eat a little                                      smoke the hooka
on the playground of our human needs
together, as enemies
while we rest                          catch our breath
so we can     kill        each            other              again