A Bullet too Soon…

Posted on 2nd January 2015 in Poetry, Reflections
by H. Gibrain

If you had lived just one more year
you would have seen
babies born to Palestinian mothers and Israeli fathers
nuclear disarmament and the dissolution of parliament
a cure for the megalomaniacal

if your last breath was over the cusp
of the critical demarcation
you’d have seen
cops and robbers making love
former enemies reconciled
building a nation for our indigenous future

if your lungs were shorn of wind
and your heart the pulsing ocean
when you set sail over the horizon
on your last voyage to the red desert
you would have known that we made it
to the promised land

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Three Poems

Posted on 6th August 2014 in Poetry, Reflections

by H. Gibrain


The resistance was fierce
the jews
and ingenious
their networks of tunnels
their stores of of weapons
the underdog
damned to extermination
and fighting till the end
honor, dignity, pride, life – actually


Hamas puts bombs in babies heads when they’re born
in case your american misslies can’t find them
everyone wants them dead for their own right reasons
lest they grow up to become poets, mothers, lovers


the resistance was fierce
the jews
muslims, christians
the indigenous
fighting for life, actually
in their networks of tunnels
weapon caches strategically placed


Zionist implants unimprovised explosive devices
in the heads of their aliyah children
right of return to hellacious lands
where love had her first fight
and will die fighting
licking the luscious last drops of blood
from the mosque floor
breathing in the last ashes of the dead
jews, muslims, christians
poets, mothers, lovers


the only thing
I have from you
is this sliver of the reflection of your face
in this chard of the mirror
from your bedroom