Welcome to the Enchanted Prison

Posted on 10th April 2012 in Notes, Self Determination

You have ended up here by no error or accident. You come here seeking freedom from either side of the bars. Here you will find instructions and stories that will give you some survival skills for the enchanted prison. As you well know, there is one thing and one thing only that is necessary to embrace and that is self-determination. Knowing it and living it are two different things. The more we psychically unravel, the more we realize how deep the conditioning is. The more we understand about how deep our indoctrination, the more able we are to navigate the enchanted prison and make decisions based on free will according to our “original instructions” and our core temperament.


As we navigate through the enchanted prison we shall be dealing with information in the realms of psychokinesis, Buddhism, Shamanism, Conflict Transformation, human needs, human rights, international law, the effects of atrocity producing circumstances, trauma, and transforming trauma into prana, or Qi. Other things that will come up are the idea’s of change and transformation, transcendence, relationships and dynamics, relativity, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, population dynamics, history, racism, species-ism and more. Get a grip. This should be fun as we learn about the history of violence, the continued violence on Earth, and many of the common misconceptions about conflict, war, destruction, violence, and there positive counterparts.


I should note that if anything comes off as being the slightest bit humorous, I apologize in advance. The issues presented here will be very serious. There is nothing funny about any of this stuff.